Tuesday, July 17, 2012


<<<Wanted: Drama Llama for weekly exchange and to signify which Ninja Pea has endured the most drama during a given week. Requirements: llama must be adventurous and able to adapt quickly to new surroundings. Ultimate fluffiness and cuteness is preferred but not required. Llama must be able to thrive in a potentially high stress position, have an understanding and extreme tolerance of crying, bitching, and whining, as well as, possess an ability to bear those burdens when the sanity of a Ninja Pea cannot. An expected hazard for the chosen llama will be exposure to extreme mockery and ridicule by all manner of spouse, family, and writing colleague -- but this will be compensated generously with a near godlike status within the Pod. Please inquire within (the comment box below).>>>


  1. Dear Pod,

    While my acting resume is not long, I feel my overall fluffiness and cuteness more than compensates for any misperceived lack of experience. Due to my extremely short memory span, I am unlikely to remember any crying or bitching 5 minutes after it occurs so this should not be an issue. I am not overly fond of mockery and ridicule but would do almost anything to achieve godlike status. I have only one request - could that be changed to godesslike status? I do not believe I am willing to have a sex change at this stage in my life. Also, I promise not to blush or talk to my inner goddess whilst perfoming my podly duties.
    Most sincerely yours,

    1. Your application is under consideration.
      Thank you for your time. You'll be hearing from our office pod shortly.

      (Bwhahahahaha! I just saw this comment. I've been to of town so much, I haven't checked comments. This was awesome! Totally made my night. Especially the promise not to blush and talk about your inner goddess. *wipes tears away* *hugs the Skitty*)