Monday, October 15, 2012


If you hadn't noticed... the Peas have been on a month long blog break. If you had noticed... so sorry! Especially about the ball drop (ie. the lack of notification). Mea Culpa! I was put on that task and somehow it slipped out of my mind (somehow... *snicker* right...we know there's nothing by voices up there, certainly no real sense of organization or leadership). We peas have been busy, busy girls and I failed to pull together a guest blog agenda to keep things going while we were all on hiatus. Things are getting back to normal, at least for this pea. We'll do better from here on out. Promise.

Forgive us... our slackage. Pretty, pretty please...

Stay tuned for prompts and updates in the coming weeks. I'll be organizing some ramblings, prompts, and randomness to finish out the year before we figure out what 2013 will have in store for the Inside the Pod.

Peas and love. We've missed you.

Our apology face --------------------------->

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