Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Crazy Summer Fun? Yes!

It has been a crazy summer for me to say the least. The World Horror and Horror Writers Association conference in New Orleans, then a jaunt to Neuchatel, Switzerland with my husband for his work, followed by ITW conference in NYC and the International RWA Conference in Atlanta. Before RWA gets really rolling and I  jet home to leave yet again for my family summer cruise, I best quickly recap my adventures and let you know what is in the works for the fall. I don't want you to think I've forgotten you.  *grin*

This summer has been about connections.

HWA… I met the amazing and talented Alma Katsu in New Orleans. I was a big fan and serendipitously ended up at a cocktail table with J and her. If you have yet to pick up her epic dark romantic tale, The Taker you are in for a real treat—the third in the trilogy is out soon. My fan-girl moment with Jonathan Maberry was by far a highlight and got me excited about rumors for a Rot and Ruin film in the works. There were so many other moments I touched on in a previous blog, so check that out.  And I posted plenty of photos on my Facebook page. I also got to spend time with mentor Carolyn Haines—always a blast.

ITW…. This event was a journey and a joy. It was my 3rd visit to ITW in NYC. And it didn't disappoint. Although I didn’t pitch this time around, I made a lot of connections that I'm really excited about and feel I have some places  and people to query when my manuscript is polished. I caught up with friend and talent Joshua Corin thriller author. I met a slew of up and coming writers that I will be on the look out for as well met a few authors I really admire. Plus, with Anne Rice as a spotlight guest interviewed by Christopher Rice the weekend was bound to be memorable. I learned so much at this con and really felt like I came away with ideas to combat trouble issues in my writing and my career.  I also got to sneak away for Moroccan food and bowling in Williamsburg, manages a trip to the Met, and shopped on 5th Avenue. I can’t complain. I have been blessed to adventure my way to new experiences by pursuing this weird, at time unsteady and daunting, and certainly bizarre career path I have chosen. 
More on all this when I open my new blog.

RWA… Reconnecting with pal K. D. Wood is always a blast. RWA proves to be a very different experience this time around versus the last time in Orlando. I was excited to already reconnect and talk shop with the wonderful Jenna Bennett, chameleon and fantastic talent, who also goes by Jennie Bentley. We’ve got three more days of the conference. So I’m sure much fun and many more moments will be had. I'm be sure to update you.

I will save my adventures in Switzerland for later. *sneaky smile*

My writing well is full and overflowing. And I can’t wait to put all this knowledge and inspiration to use.

In other news, I plan to relaunch my own blog and redesign my website. This is going to be a work in progress for the next few months. I hope to stumble upon a place singularly me that I can explore ideas, topics, and share with you all (maybe I will use the moniker Thai Shaped Head...well see). I will do my best to keep Pod readers updated and connected, but as I begin to dip into some personal and specific blog themes—I’m going to try rethink how I blog as a whole and venture out alone from the security of the Pod. *trembles*

That’s all I have for you today. Stay tuned in the Pod and keep an eye out for new spaces.
Peas and love. M

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