Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Free Range Peas: Holiday Word Association

Due to the holiday week, we're doing something a little wild, a little random, a little non-committal, but mostly we're feeling the freedom of Pea-dom. Enjoy the little word association we passed around during a recent critique group meeting and behold the first installment of Free Range Peas. Can you guess the order we went in?

tea, cookies, monster, mash, potatoes, gravy, train, thought, memory, board, game, sport, bottle, blonde, hair, band, mate, sex, hair, razor, sharp, thing, animal, magnetism, earth, shaker, salt, Angelia Jolie, lips, Rocky Horror Picture Show, fishnet stockings, A Christmas Story, BB gun, ouch, Band-Aid, hospital, gown, ball, bounce, dryer sheet, laundry, work, book, ninja peas

Happy Holidays to all! And have a terrific New Year. We'll be back to our regularly scheduled programming in January.


  1. I'm going with J as the regular font...M as the italics font...and A as the bold. Am I close?