Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Guest Pod: Reader Interview - Andrea Beard

Andrea Beard, 20 year old Junior at Mizzou, majoring in Accounting.

Hi all!! I'm back! {and butting in front of M this week to post}.
For our first reader interview, I chose my sister. While she and I have many differences, we have one very important thing in common {aside from our DNA}: our love of books.

Now, as a writer it might be obvious why I would foster a love for the written word. But what about an accounting major deep in the college experience? What number-loving party-goer has time for such a solitary {and right-brained} activity as reading? Well, I've always said that my sister was smart. And while sometimes I'm referring to her being a smart ass, there's no denying the girl is intelligent. So, in my personal opinion, the fact that she's smart is why she's a reader. And I don't mean nerdy smart. In fact, I think you'd put her in the category of "cool" smart. As in, she'll put you in your place without the "popular girl" snobbery, but rather by saying something clever that illustrates how much smarter she is than you. And more often than not, illustrates how much more she's read than you, too. But that's just my opinion. So, read on, and form one for yourself. {But I'm right}.

Okay, Andi. We'll start off simple. What do you read?
        Books. Obviously.
*laughs*... *deadpans*... now seriously.
        Oh, fine. *grins* I read mostly Young Adult or Sci-Fi. But I really like things based on true stories and real people. I don't know if they're actually factual, but... *shrugs*... And I read whatever you say is good, too. {By you she means me}. And books from lists of what to read before I die -- just to say I've read them.
Good reasoning! *laughs* So... why do you read?
        Because I'm not illiterate. *chuckles* Even though I can't spell *she adds under her breath*
Funny! ...And true *I add under my breath* 
Now the non-smartass answer, please? Why do you read -- what do you want from a book you choose?
        I want a completely different reality. I want to be transported to different worlds but have it all still be completely possible. I want a book I'm going to still think about, years after reading it, for no reason.
I like that. That's a good reason. So then, what are your favorite books of all time? The ones you still find yourself thinking about afterward?
        I really like the Maze Runner, Narnia, the 7 Realms, Stephen King's Everything's Eventual, and His Dark Materials. But I love the Hunger Games trilogy, the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and my very favorite book(s) of all time: Harry Potter!
*nods in approval* Okay, so what makes Harry Potter your favorite ever?
        More than any other book, I can enter my own world and completely feel the emotions of each character. 
I know exactly what you mean! I also take on the emotions of the characters of the books I read.
        Yeah. And by the way, DON'T try and talk to me while I'm reading the Order of the Phoenix. I get really defiant and pissy! 
*chuckles knowingly*
        Hard to imagine, I know. No really -- more than usual. Someone should warn my boyfriend.
*laughs* Order of the Phoenix is my favorite book in the series. And I get the same way! {Thankfully, I've learned to control it when real life butts in while I'm reading}. 
I miss those books. I think it's time for me to read them again... again. Ha. How many times would you say you've re-read the Harry Potter series?
        The first four, well over ten times. The last three, probably eight or nine times.
So when you do decide to venture out and find something new to read, where do you go? What route -- if one were to lose you in the bookstore -- would you say you generally take?
        YA first, which is usually by the Children's section, so sometimes I'll go look for authors I know there. Then, over to the books on war, then usually over to the Sci-Fi/ Fantasy section. After that I wander around and look for really pretty books.
*laughs* That sounds like mine! Minus the section on war. Though, I usually get distracted by the discount/gifty books at the front first! ...*looks at word count*... well, I should wrap this up. I'll leave our audience with my favorite question: How important is reading in your life?
        Reading is my life. I can't imagine life without reading. That would be a very boring life indeed.***
Well said! Thanks very much for agreeing to be interviewed! {Not that you could say no. I'm your sister, after all *wink*} 

Next week... well, I'm not actually sure... so... get ready for a surprise! In the meantime, have a happy holidays!! Peas out!

***I received the following text from my sister post-posting, and I told her I'd add it to the interview, so here it is {with autocorrect accidents fixed, because I'm a nice sister}:

"Looking back at your questions I realized I didn't fully answer the last one. Where reading ranks in my life, somewhere between water and food. I would rather read than eat but they tell me I wouldn't survive without eating. And the why {which I edited out because she didn't answer it... to be fair, I texted her early tuesday morning - right before posting - for the last question, knowing she would be sleeping in...} would be because the real world isn't nearly as exciting as the ones I create in my head and I can live the lives of other people, know their thoughts and emotions, and know that real or fictional I'm not the only one to think or feel those things."


  1. Fantastic interview! Thanks Andi and Alexis!

  2. Thanks, Andi and Alexis! I never would've guessed you are sisters. :)