Monday, January 20, 2014


 Hello? Pea friends and followers... are you there? It’s okay if you aren’t. It’s been a long while. We understand.

Needless to say, the construct of the Pod is undergoing some… changes. J and A are pursuing their visual arts. I’ve been floundering, bumping into walls, and trying to figure out what my creative and writing goals are. All in all… it has been a Pod in flux. That’s okay. Sometimes ideas run their course and what follows paves the way for new and exciting ventures. That is how we view it around the Pod. All support. Always Pea Love.

No doubt… A, J, and M will find their way back together in a new form one day—possibly even here. After all, we still have Pea sleepovers and frequent Pea dinners where we share our creative endeavors and support each other passionately. That will never change. But I want to let the few of you that are still listening, still hoping to see posts, that we’re taking an indefinite break. And until that comeback tour, which has no pending date, J and A are doing their things and I’m reconstructing my online presence in an M only format.

Gone Fishing- the Ninja Peas
I’ll be posting a few last posts in conjunction with the launch of new endeavors. I’ll be stealing some oldies but goodies from the Pod, revisiting them, and reinventing them in a new space. And I’ll be hashing out my own tributaries of interest about writing, life, and anything else which strikes my fancy. Of course, A can be found on her book blog, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. J is around, doing her thing via Facebook et al also. I’m sure new ventures for all of us will continue to sprout. Stay tuned into those other channels and you'll be sure to hear of them. And I will be reporting them in my news space... because that's what Peas do. Support each other.

So for now… Adieu. 

I’m tacking up an official Gone Fishing sign and we’ll hope you find us in our other venues.

Pea Love and All Best,

M, J, and A
You can also find us on Facebook by our respective names

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