Friday, January 17, 2014

The 4 W's of author Jodi Vaughn

Author Jodi Vaughn gives the Peas the a run down of her book VEILED SECRETS!
WHO is Celeste Hart?

Celeste is a misfit that is desperately trying to find her place in the world. She has always felt invisible and never fit in. She values family, and honor, and kindness above all else. She has a quiet strength and steel resolve that accentuate her true beauty. When she discovers her Fae blood, she must hone her power to fight the evil that is coming.
WHAT can a reader expect from VEILED SECRETS?

Loveable characters, dark paranormal plot and sexy romance that will keep the reader turning the page.

Author Jodi Vaughn
WHERE will the readers find the book?

VEILED SECRETS is available at:
Barnes and Noble

HOW can we find Jodi Vaughn?

Check out her blog
Follow her on Twitter: @JodiVaughn1


  1. Definitely sound like loveable characters! Good job, Jodi, :) Tweeted/shared.

    1. Thanks Barbara! I'm so glad you liked it!